Floor polystyrene XPS underlay main function is to maximize the comfort and durability of the floor. It is important to use proper floor underlay to ensure comfortable and long lasting use.
The underlays provide the following advantages:
•Extension of durability of floor panels
•Increase of the efficiency of underfloor heating
•Sound proofing
•Protection against mechanical damage

VTM Holding products have the necessary certificates, meeting European quality and safety standards.
Our products are manufactured with the use of environmentally friendly technologies and the production waste is processed in the recycling process.

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The panels are made of polystyrene film is a simple, practical and effective way to decor any interior.
They give a unique and original character to the interiors for residential, representational and dedicated to work.
A wide range of designs and colors that are in our offer reflects your individual tastes and needs of customers. Interesting arrangement allows the interior a stylish and modern.

In addition to aesthetic ceiling tiles also have good insulating parameters.

They are lightweight and easy to install. Covered with a coffered vaulted ceiling tiles can be renewed by painting with emulsion paints, acrylic, etc., based on water-based.

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VTM Holding was established in 1990 with the contribution of foreign capital. Since then the company has been operating in the building sector ,gradually extending the scope of its business activities and range of offered products. VTM Holding specializes in polystyrene sheeting processing. The production activity of the company, first of all, comprises production of


30 August 2016

Did you know that if each panel weighs 1.5-2 kg is striking heels or dog’s claws were to have no sound? They are very light and not too thick, so they require additional insulation. That’s why you should use underlays under the floor.


30 August 2016

It has a high-class acoustic parameters, in particular the level of noise, which isolates the sounds heard in the rooms below. The use of Perfect Mat underlay makes the room becomes quiet and comfortable. The material from which the base is ideal for wet rooms and heating system used. Due to the printed surface of

How to level the floor

30 August 2016

The problem of uneven ground happens very often. The reason may be crudely executed building work or the removal of existing floor covering. The Larger unevenness leveling compound, while smaller in order to remove suitable underlays. We recommend Underlays: XPS 6 mm, 5 mm XPS

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VTM Holding products have the necessary certificates, meeting European quality and safety standards .

Products are manufactured in a modern and environmentally friendly technologies and waste are used in the recycling process .