Technical foil




Our product offer contains  material which is suitable to protect  items  in transport and storage in various weather conditions . The raw material the foil is made of is extruded polystyrene(XPS).


  1. First production stage

The lathered PS foil is a product made of low or high impact. Processed  material forms structure of foam. The foam density is about 23 to 100 kg/m3. The manufactured foil is of thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 3.5mm. The foil is wound on bobbins.

After the extrusion process , the foil needs seasoning process which, depending on the foil thickness  takes from 5 to 15 days(longer period for thicker foil). Such seasoned foil is suitable for the second production stage.

The foil is manufactured in colors established  between a producer and customer.

  • Green
  • Grey
  • White (natural)

Second production stage

The seasoned foil is used to produce a plate. The foil is unwounded from bobbins and drawn through the unit of immersion heaters. The heaters temperature and pace of drawing are selected in such a way that the foil is heated to temperature in which  it can be formed.

The heating effect is the increase of bubble volume in the foam, which causes the increase of foil thickness of about 40-80%(larger thickness effect is acquired for thicker foil)

Acquiring forming temperature allows change on foil surface according to customer’s requirements. Following the heaters system, the foil is drawn through rollers system which form the surface and calibrate the product thickness.

After drawing through rollers system which form the foil surface, the foil is partially cooled .Next the foil is directed to cutting section where the final plate dimension is established. The range of plate dimension is of 1m width and length can be settled with the customer.

  1. The use of the product

The foil produced in the first stage is wound on bobbins which depending on its density and application , has a set length. Each bobbin is placed on a pallet in the number of 2 or four pieces.

In the second production stage depending on the  purpose, the plate formats are placed on the pallet and protected with stretch foil in order avoid damages while transportation.


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VTM Holding products have the necessary certificates, meeting European quality and safety standards .

Products are manufactured in a modern and environmentally friendly technologies and waste are used in the recycling process .