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43-200 Pszczyna
ul. Cieszyńska 36

tel.: +48 32 210 45 09

About company

Company VTM-Holding was established in 1990 with participation of foreign capital. Since then, the firm has been working in the building sector, gradually extending a scope of its activity and a range of the offered goods.

The Firm specialises in polystyrene sheeting processing. The activity of VTM-Holding, first of all, comprises production of insulating and decorative materials for building and packing sector.

In our offer you can find: polystyrene sheeting caissons, coated foamed polystyrene caissons, exstruded decorative strips, laminated panels, skirting boards, adhesives.

VTM-Holding products have necessary certificates, meeting European standards of quality and safety. The products are made on the ground of modern and ecological technology, and wastes are used in a process of recycling.

The company also executes special orders meeting our clients' needs as for the design.
VTM-Holding carries on mainly wholesale co-operating with customers both on our home market and outside.

The manufactures production of the highest quality - aesthetic, durable and safe, as well as professional attendance of customers and clients are the motive power of the company development and justification of its employees.

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